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Visual and Performing Arts

At OIS, we believe that visual and performing arts are crucial in developing well-rounded children. Consequently, students have the opportunity to express themselves through various artistic mediums and share in work from artists around the world and throughout history. Students are enrolled in visual arts and music at all levels, as well as drama at the secondary level. Working with our qualified and experienced visual and performing arts teachers, students learn more about artistic mediums, grow in their musical talents, and bring drama productions to life.

Our Performing Arts Centre is complete with stage lighting, sound system, acoustic wall panels, and banked seating. The space is versatile and capable of hosting large productions as well as intimate recitals.

OIS Visual Arts Program

Creativity is at the core of producing a piece of art, but it is also a way of thinking or a unique approach to a challenge. The OIS Visual Arts program gives students the freedom to express their creative ideas and empowers them to translate that creativity to all areas of their lives. From the kindergarten student to the graduating senior, the Visual Arts program offers every student the opportunity to increase their capacity for creativity.

OIS Drama Program

The OIS Drama curriculum allows students to perform works by famous playwrights as well as write and direct their own masterpieces. The Drama program is designed to instill collaboration, awaken innovation, foster self confidence, nurture introspection, and develop effective communication. Our program also teaches the art of human interaction and resiliency. Throughout each course, students study vocal techniques, improvisation, characterization, stage movement, and playbuilding. Each drama course culminates in a drama presentation. In addition, all students have the opportunity to audition for roles in large-scale drama productions through the OIS Drama Club. 

OIS Music Program

The music programme in OIS has spurred my son's passion for music as various opportunities are given to encourage students to exercise their creativity. 

Parent of OIS Middle School Student

All OIS elementary and middle school students participate in music classes. The focus is on teaching students to identify and apply the basic elements of music. Students are encouraged to express themselves, think creatively, problem solve, and appreciate the self-expression of others. Through performances, students have the opportunity to learn the ever-important skill of self-discipline and feel a sense of achievement.