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Sports are an integral part of our school culture. Learning opportunities which take place on the court or pitch as well as in the gymnasium are an irreplaceable aspect of a student's educational experience. Teamwork, competition, and sportsmanship are just a few of the skills students will obtain when participating in the OIS Sports Program. In addition, participating in our sports program provides opportunities for social development and promotes students’ physical health. The OIS Sports Program aims to be one that is competitive both locally and internationally, offering opportunities for students to participate from the earliest grade levels.

Sports are a huge part of my life at OIS. They have really given me an opportunity to get to know my classmates, learn to work together, and build teamwork and sportsmanship. Those lessons have really helped me in other parts of my life. Sports has shown me that there is so much more to school than just work. I do sports because my teammates have become my family as we’ve learned and grown together in so many ways.

Madeline, OIS High School Student



The OIS Sports Program

Rugby, CrossFit, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Cross Country, Touch Rugby (frequency may vary based on grade level and available competition)

Oasis International School Senior wins Gold in Dubai for Malaysian Powerlifting Association

Oasis International School student Youssef Zeidan, recently won four gold medals for Team Malaysia in the International Powerlifting Federation Asian Championships 2022. He also was crowned 2022 Asian U120kg SubJunior Champion! This was his first international meet but certainly not the last.

Zeidan was joined by teammates, Kenneth Kaden Chin, Kelvin Yeoh, Syed Amirul, and Loh Cen Hao and coached by MAP President Dato Dayalan Jeevan.

OIS was a proud sponsor of the Malaysian Association for Powerlifting team.