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Parents For Oasis

23-24 PFO Leadership Team

Parents For Oasis (PFO) is dedicated to engage OIS parents in creating an integrated community in a united effort to serve and support the OIS community. 

From the moment you start your journey at OIS, you are welcomed by our incredible parent community. Whether it be greeting you at the new family orientation, assisting you with translation, or helping you transition into the community –  our friendly parents are warm and helpful, ensuring you will always have a friend at OIS.

Parents For Oasis (PFO) constantly provides opportunities for community and support through events, fundraisers, clubs, and more. All parents are always welcome to join these activities!

We love having parents on campus so much that we gave them a dedicated space - the PFO Embassy. Some of our event highlights include:

  • International Food Celebration at OIS International Celebration

  • Bake Sales

  • Christmas Market

  • PFO Valentines Day Fair & Cookie Walk

  • PFO Spring Ice Cream And Sweets Social

  • Staff Appreciation Week

  • PFO Clubs (Dad’s Club, PFO Booster Club, Yoga, Cooking And Baking, Badminton, Crochet, English Language, and more!)

  • Lunches and coffees at our PFO Embassy