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Child Safety

OIS Child Safety Team

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OIS takes the responsibility of child protection seriously. OIS works diligently to create a safe and positive environment in which children of all ages can grow. Child safety and protection is the responsibility of every adult within OIS. Staff and parents have a responsibility to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism to create a safe, positive, nurturing and secure environment for children as well as to protect and safeguard children at the highest standards possible.


OIS is committed to:

Valuing children and ensuring their safety in all    locations and facilities under our responsibility

Encouraging and supporting parents

Ensuring staff involved with children are trained in     child safety and protection

Complying with legal reporting requirements


OIS is a member of the Child Safety & Protection Network (CSPN) and a recognized school. 

OIS Child Safety and Protection Policy Manual

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Oasis Network Child Safety and Protection Code of Conduct

First page of the PDF file: OASISChildSafetyProtectionCode

Oasis Anti-Bullying Policy

First page of the PDF file: OASISAntiBullyingPolicy