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After School Activities

OIS encourages students to participate in our After School Activities (ASA) Program. Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school, or high school, the ASA Program offers a wide variety of activities to help all students explore their interests. We invite members from the local community to operate our ASA Program in order to give students more choices and opportunities to pursue lessons beyond our formal curriculum.

The ASA Program enriches the students’ learning experience in many ways! Here are some of the benefits and reasons to participate in the ASA Program.

The ASA Program gives students the opportunity to

  • explore different interests
  • build new skills
  • develop friendships
  • contribute to society
  • acquire leadership skills
  • have fun without leaving campus

Current ASA Offerings

Mondays (Leadership)


Students will learn the importance of teamwork as well as basic basketball skills. We will focus on dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense each week for the first few weeks. Towards the end of the semester, they will be able to put their skills in action by scrimmaging each other. 


Students will develop a better body shape, strength, flexibility, body control & body awareness after a quarter of training. Students with no knowledge of the tumbling or gymnastics skills will start with basic skills of tumbling such as forward/backward roll, cart wheel, handstand, etc. Students with knowledge of gymnastics/tumbling will learn more advanced skills such as flips in a safe and comfortable environment. All skills will go through progressions under the supervision of a trained coach before learning new skills. Students also develop basic spotting skills by helping other students perform exercises such as holding a handstand.


Students will develop skill sets, mental strength, physical fitness and character as they play football. Students will wear either their P.E. uniform or comfortable and appropriate athletic clothing for the sport.


Students will develop the skills related to badminton. Students will wear either their P.E. uniform or comfortable and appropriate clothing for the sport and MUST bring their own racquet to avoid sharing equipment. Please contact the instructor if you need to purchase any badminton equipment (racquets, shoes, etc.)


Tuesdays (Music and Culture)

Ukulele Lessons

Students will learn all about the ukulele, from how to hold the instrument, how to tune their instrument, basic chords and fingerings. They will explore the fundamentals of music notation and find out how to produce clear, beautiful notes, open ukulele chords, and strumming patterns. They will also discover how to control rhythm, tempo, dynamic, and how to express themselves artistically. The ukulele skills that they acquire will enable them to play and learn any style of music. Instruments will not be provided for the class so a personal instrument is required in order to participate.

Violin Lessons

Students will develop a listening and critical ear, reinforce techniques, review pieces, play in an ensemble, and be motivated and inspired in this string group lesson. Adding to that the performance opportunities provided always bring students and parents the joy of making music! Students with no knowledge of the instrument will start with basic skills of posture and how to hold the instrument while learning some basic reading and playing of musical notations. On the other hand, students that have played the instrument before will come together and learn ensemble playing that encourages critical listening and teamwork skills. This group lesson method integrates the Suzuki Method while using very engaging tunes written by Blackwell and many more. Students must provide their own instruments. New participants would need to purchase instruments, accessories and book materials in order to start lessons.

Beatz Circle

Beatz Circle is a program designed for the International Schools and Learning Centres in Malaysia to provide an opportunity for students of primary and secondary to be able to play percussion in a group. Varieties of rhythm and patterns will be taught during this session. Beatz Circle connects all types of students from different backgrounds by just playing music. Benefits such as leadership quality and focus listening is an add on value in this programme. Many other benefits and skills are included in this program as well. The beatz circle is (usually) hand-drums, percussion and drums. 

Hip Hop Dance

Students will learn basic hip-hop dance moves such as groove and bounce that comes with hip-hop music. Students will learn 2 to 3 types of hip-hop dance routines by the end of the quarter. Hip-hop dance promotes full body workouts that include health benefits, such as increasing student’s stamina, body coordination, and strength development. Hip-hop dance also builds up student’s self-confidence when performing dances in front of a crowd.

Bahasa Melayu

Students will seek to take their Bahasa Melayu language skills to the next level, during small group instruction. Lessons will be authentic and in-depth, targeting each individual’s level to improve their skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading in Bahasa, but geared towards elementary and middle school advanced level learners. 


Wednesdays (Character)


Oasis SERVE is an after school program designed to provide students an opportunity to serve their OIS Community and to discover their reason for WHY we serve. Students will spend time helping out with projects around the school campus, recognizing needs in our community, pursuing creative service ideas, and even sending encouraging notes to guards, cleaners and cafeteria staff. 

Elementary Christian Club

The Christian Club is an engaging and energy-filled time of songs, Bible stories, object lessons, games, snacks, prizes and more. This is a time for the students to learn more about God, the love that He has for them, and how to exhibit values such as kindness, compassion, patience, integrity, and courage. 

Secondary Girls Christian Club

The Christian Club provides opportunities for students to seek and explore the meaning and purpose of their lives, who God is and what He has created them to do. Students will learn how to live out their faith through Bible study and open discussions.

Secondary Boys Christian Club

The Christian Club seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith and life through a series of questions, readings and discussions. The Christian Club provides opportunities to explore the meaning and purpose of life, why we are here and what we are created to do. The club focuses on searching for truth and displaying character traits such as kindness, compassion, patience, integrity, and courage.

Thursdays (Creativity)

Cursive & Calligraphy

Cursive is a skill that is becoming less commonly taught in schools, yet comes with important benefits. Not only does it have aesthetic value, but it also has other benefits such as improving fine motor skills, writing speed, and reading cursive. In this ASA, we will start with learning how to write in cursive, and gradually shift the cosus to calligraphy techniques, where students will create their own artwork. Some weeks will be more handwriting focused, and others will be more artistically focused, giving students the opportunity to work at their own learning speed.


Students will learn the disciplines and moves associated with Taekwondo. Students will wear a Taekwondo uniform during the ASA, which can be purchased through the instructor. Students may sign up for one or both days that Taekwondo is offered; the fee will be doubled for those that choose both days. 


Students will learn swimming skills and they will progress according to their abilities. Swimming is more than just a sport and exercise, it is a vital survival skill. During the lessons, we will guide students with proper survival skills in the water and critical conditions. We emphasize fun learning experiences, positive teaching and student centered approach. Students will need to wear their swimming attire and goggles to attend the lessons.Transportation will be provided to the Arc for swimming by Rimbayu and an OIS staff/guard will accompany the students to the swimming ASA. Parents will need to pick up their children from the clubhouse at the Arc at 4:45pm.

Transformer 123

TRANSFORMER 123 is an art transformation program using the combination of VISUAL - CRAFT - STORYBOARD in 1 Thematic learning cycle. Students will be given a special learning topic every month rus through the 3 learning steps.  Transformer 123 is also an arts and crafts class that teaches students basic techniques and skills.

Fridays (Innovation)

International Chess

Students will learn about all aspects of the game starting from the opening, middlegame and endgame. They will explore the tactics and strategies of the game. They will develop their creativity in finding the best move and also improve their decision making over the board. They will also improve their concentration and focus level. 

Legos: Freeplay

Students will build their way to better communication and learning with LEGO BTE, by building their answers to fun challenges with LEGO Bricks and thinking out of the box. Students will create, build, discuss, understand and win prizes! Learn more here.


Robo KIDS series are thoughtfully created to help younger children understand STEM by using robot technology. Each kit is based on the useful and various assembly blocks that contain special circuits such as CPUs, contact sensors, and IR sensor blocks. Programming of the robots is done with a card reader system called ‘Funny Cards’. RoboKID is specially developed to foster creativity and activate the brain by assembling robots.


The RoboKIT series is thoughtfully created to develop STEM skills and knowledge in robotics and coding. Each kit contains the CPU, DC motors, sensors and many more to have students build their own robots with bolts and nuts. Programming of the robot is done with Rogic Program, which is developed in a GUI Environment for easy understanding and enjoyment. The Rogic Program is available on PC as well as Smartphone and Tablets in Android and iOS. In this course students will learn how to assemble the robot basically and understand electric and electronic principles and structural principles. Other than assembling the robot, the learners directly program motions of the robot they make. 


S.T.E.M stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and this after school activity approaches these subjects through the avenue of art. This is a combination of science and art in 1 program. It’s a 100% hands-on project activity for students doing little science and art experiments.