Counseling and Guidance

Oasis utilizes the International School Counselor Association standards and offers a comprehensive school counseling program that serves students both individually and collectively in four areas: academic, university and career, personal and social development, and global perspectives development. Oasis High School and University Counseling equips students with the necessary skills to become productive and successful 21st century global citizens through the following ways:

Academic Advising

Through individual and small group sessions, an Oasis counselor plans a course of study for each student that aligns with future goals, helps students to recognize learning styles, and provides study skills and academic intervention to help students reach their full potential as learners.

University/Career Planning

At Oasis, we serve a diverse group of students who each have a unique pathway to university and beyond. At university and career planning sessions, an Oasis counselor helps families to understand each country’s unique requirements and find the best university based on a student’s abilities, goals, interests, and values. Through offering career exploration activities, assisting with resume and CV building, and using future planning resources, an Oasis counselor will help students to plan and prepare for education, careers, and life beyond high school.

Personal Counseling and Support

There are times when students struggle with a variety of concerns from stress and anxiety to transitioning to a new school to interpersonal conflict with peers. An Oasis counselor is available to support students by equipping them with the strategies to deal effectively with these issues. A counselor may also refer students and families to outside sources for additional counseling and support.


An Oasis counselor will help educate students regarding the SAT test, study strategies, and interpreting and utilizing score reports. As an SAT testing site, our students have the ability to take this test in a familiar setting. A counselor will also work with students to select AP courses that are both relevant and beneficial to their university pathway.


Together with teachers, parents, and support staff, an Oasis counselor can share strategies for supporting student achievement. Oasis also collaborates with universities worldwide to ensure that students have up-to-date and accurate information regarding university admissions.


Through grade level programs, individual meetings, parent programs, and regular updates, an Oasis counselor is able to meet the needs of students and families who are at different points in their journey through the U.S. education system and university planning.