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Student Support Services

The school’s Student Support Services Department provides academic guidance, English Language Learning Support, and Learning Support. Additional services include referrals for students in need of academic, English Language Learning, and/or Learning Support intervention. The department provides training for faculty on intervention strategies to use in the classroom as well as the school’s referral process.

The Student Support Services Department serves as a resource for the OIS community in meeting the needs of all our learners.

OIS offers a comprehensive school counseling program that serves students both individually and collectively in four areas: academic, university and career, personal and social development, and global perspectives development. OIS High School & University Counseling equips students with the necessary skills to become productive and successful 21st century global citizens.

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The OIS ELL Program is committed to building confidence and competence, while offering a strong foundation in the English language as students navigate through the challenges of learning and participating in an academic environment. 

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The OIS Learning Support program assists students with mild to moderate learning difficulties by providing individualized support through meaningful learning experiences that strengthen student learning capacities and equip students with the tools needed to thrive.

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