Middle School


The middle school academic program at OIS has been developed specifically for young adolescents and is designed to build on students’ content knowledge and social skills. These three vital years, 6th to 8th grade, are designed to equip students as they prepare for high school.

The middle school is organized by grade level and has a maximum capacity of 25 students per class. Every class is taught by middle school teachers who have U.S. certifications in their respective subject areas.


Middle School Curriculum

At OIS, the core subjects for middle school students include English language arts, math, science, social studies, and philosophy. Below, you will find a list of other classes and electives that could be part of a student’s schedule. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

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Grading Procedures

At OIS, observations of student progress occur daily. Teachers monitor student learning in a variety of informal, low-pressure ways throughout each unit. This is important because it allows teachers to quickly realize when students understand and when students are struggling. Consequently, teachers know when to move forward and when to address problems. Being evaluated on a daily basis also helps students to improve their learning by seeing their strengths and weaknesses.

Some examples of informal assessments:

Image of types of informal assessments: Class Discussions & Group Work, Questions & Graphic Organizer, Writing Assignments, Homework & Peer Assessments, Quizzes & Projects

In addition, at the end of a unit or class, teachers evaluate student learning through structured, cumulative assessments such as tests, final essays, and final projects. Standardized testing will also occur throughout the year when students take the MAP test; this assessment will help teachers to monitor students’ progress and track students’ mastery of skills

Our School Year

Formal reports are distributed quarterly, and credits are earned each semester. Teachers update grades weekly on our learning management system.

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