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The Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is a brain-based approach based on neuroscientific research. Arrowsmith gets to the root of students’ learning difficulties by strengthening the weak cognitive capacities. OlS adopted the Arrowsmith Program in 2019 and is the only international school in Malaysia to offer the program. 


Who We Serve

The typical Arrowsmith student at OIS is:

  • of average or above average intelligence

  • has learning difficulties

  • doesn’t have a severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disorder that impacts the ability to engage in the program

  • doesn’t have an acquired brain injury

  • is not on the autism spectrum

To better determine if your child’s learning difficulties can be addressed by the Arrowsmith Program, fill out this online questionnaire. Students that fall outside of these guidelines may still benefit from the Arrowsmith program, but they will need further consideration.

Our Program

OIS students enrolled in our full-time Arrowsmith program typically attend four to six, forty-minute sessions each day. These programmed exercises are determined based on an extensive assessment which identifies current levels of functioning in cognitive areas that most impact learning. Each exercise is chosen based on the student’s unique cognitive profile, focusing on the most fundamental and higher order cognitive functions. 

The length of time in the Arrowsmith program is determined by the number of learning difficulties present and the severity of those difficulties. Typically, students spend between two to five years in the Arrowsmith program. After the completion of the program, students should be able to rejoin the general education classroom full time with little to no extra support.

Arrowsmith students at OIS participate in core subjects and electives with their peers in the general education classroom. Additionally, Arrowsmith students receive the benefits of the Learning Support program including an Individualized Learning Plan and additional classroom support. 

"OIS adopted the Arrowsmith Program as the foundation of our Learning Support program because of Arrowsmith’s unique, empowering approach to learning difficulties since the core of their model is to simply strengthen weak cognitive capacities." - Abby Cavanaugh, Founder of Arrowsmith Program at OIS


Admissions Process

Before proceeding with the application process, it is important to understand if your child is an ideal candidate for the Arrowsmith Program. If you haven’t already, please review the Who We Help section above.

If you would like further information about the Arrowsmith program at OIS, schedule a visit through our Admissions Department.