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Learning Support

The OIS Learning Support program assists students with mild to moderate learning difficulties by providing individualized support through meaningful learning experiences that strengthen student learning capacities and equip students with the tools needed to thrive.

Once a student is enrolled in Learning Support, the support given is determined based on the student’s need and availability of staff. Using the Arrowsmith Program, Learning Support at OIS focuses on helping students with academic and cognitive difficulties by strengthening weak cognitive capacities. The hope is that students are equipped with the tools needed to become self-directed, confident learners in the general education classroom.


Learning Support Services

All students enrolled in the Learning Support Program are provided with an Advocacy Team and an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). The Advocacy Team is made up of a school administrator, classroom teacher(s), parent(s), the Learning Support Coordinator, and the student (where applicable). This team creates and reviews the ILP, monitors the student’s progress, regularly conferences with the student, and ensures the student is being provided with the needed classroom support as outlined by the ILP. The Individualized Learning Plan is a tool that assists in planning, implementing, and monitoring a student’s progress at OIS. Goals for the students, strategies for learning, and accommodations provided in the classroom are included in the ILP.

Arrowsmith at OIS

The Arrowsmith Program is a brain-based approach founded on neuroscientific research. Arrowsmith gets to the root of students’ learning difficulties by strengthening the weak cognitive capacities. Students in the Arrowsmith Program at OIS engage in up to four exercises each day. These programed exercises are determined based on an extensive assessment which identifies current levels of functioning in cognitive areas that most impact learning. Each exercise is chosen based on the student’s unique cognitive profile, focusing on the most fundamental and higher order cognitive functions. After completing the three to four year program with Arrowsmith, students should be able to rejoin the general education classroom full time with little to no extra support. Learn more about The Arrowsmith Program at OIS.

Social-Emotional Support at OIS

Learning Support at OIS also supports students with mild social-emotional needs. These students receive services in the Learning Support classroom and in the general education classroom. The goals found in the child’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) guide the services a student will receive. Goals for these students are based on each individual’s needs to equip students with skills needed to be independent, self-directed learners. Students enrolled in this category of Learning Support also engage in bi-weekly “Social Scholars” meetings, where students gain valuable social skills needed to effectively interact with their peers.