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Continuity of Learning

Oasis International School - COVID-19 Resource Center


At OIS it is important for students to have a safe learning environment. OIS has made preparations to be able to ensure the continuity of learning, even for students that are unable to attend school on campus. The school has a plan in place for the implementation of Remote Learning Days in the event that schools in Malaysia are required to close. We are also committed to a justified, measured, and reasonable response to the COVID-19 Epidemic, while still remaining cautious and minimizing risk.


Alerts and Notifications

The implementation of Remote Learning Days will be communicated to the OIS Community through the following channels:

The MY OIS App


School Website


Once the implementation of Remote Learning Days has been announced, OIS will provide a Remote Learning Day(s) Plan, typically before and within 48 hours of the announcement.



Useful Links (Information for Parents)

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COVID - 19 Updates