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On March 26th, the OIS Athletics Department sponsored four high school students: Youssef Zeidan, Harith Helmi, Gabriel Hale, and Nicco Ayika in the ‘Savage Gears Throwdown’. It was the National Qualifier Event II held by the Malaysian Association of Powerlifting. This is the first year that OIS has participated and each student placed with medals in the ‘18 and under’ category. Our athletes had the expertise and guidance of our own powerlifters -  OIS Director, Mr. Ben Hale and Secondary Physical Education Teacher, Mr. King Sacramento to lead them to victory. Sports are an integral part of our school culture. Learning opportunities that take place on the court or pitch as well as in the gymnasium are an irreplaceable aspect of a student's educational experience. Teamwork, competition, and sportsmanship are just a few of the skills students will obtain when participating in the OIS Sports Program.