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The Future Lawyers Program hosted by the Harvard Student Association introduces High School students to the field of law, comprehensive legal systems, and how to read and build a case. With guidance from qualified Harvard mentors, students develop collaborative thinking and teamwork skills and gain insight into navigating the path to law school. OIS senior, Gabriel Hale, was selected to attend the October sessions, lasting over two weekends. Gabe shared, “I appreciated the fact that it was not just American-centric and we were encouraged to research other legal systems over the course of the program. The trial at the end was one of the most entertaining parts, as we had to actually debate against another team and a winner was declared out of our two teams. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is mildly interested in the field of law to better understand the content you would be working within that profession.”


For more information on the Learn With Leaders Future Lawyers Program, visit their website at