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Oasis International School

Community News

Congratulations to Mr. Marc Shuflin for receiving the Will Hancock “Unsung Hero” Award presented by the National Business Officers Association (NBOA). 

The Will Hancock “Unsung Hero” Award is given to business officers who have made an extraordinary and significant difference in their schools. These business officers, in doing their job, exemplify a high standard of integrity, knowledge, and motivation to help their schools succeed. They are team players whose work supports faculty, staff, trustees, and administration. They are both excellent managers and true leaders. In order to be considered for this award, a business officer must have clearly demonstrated an effective mastery of his or her job. Yet more importantly, this individual must have made a significant difference to the school, its staff, and its students.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shuflin has been a teacher, principal, head of school, and business manager in American international schools in Venezuela and Malaysia. Mr. Shuflin serves as a liaison between OIS and the Malaysia American Chamber of Commerce and is the United States Embassy Citizen Liaison Volunteer for the school community. Mr. Shulfin’s understanding of both business and education allows the school to benefit from his unique combination of knowledge and experience. Mr. Shuflin served as a founding member of our school in 2018. He was instrumental in leading the school from its inception to a  fully accredited school. Mr. Shuflin served as co-chair for the OIS Accreditation Committee and continues to serve as chair of our Action Plan Committee. His passionate pursuit of school improvement not only challenges me as a Head of School but helps our staff members, instructional and non-instructional, understand their important roles in the success of the school. 

Congratulations again to Mr. Shuflin for this well deserved recognition. Thank you for all the ways you serve Oasis. 

Ben Hale
Head of School