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On Thursday, May 5, the graduating class of 2022, along with many of their parents, presented the high school with their class gift, the Oasis High School Lounge. The gift of the lounge was made possible through the generosity of the senior class and parents. Through various fun events hosted throughout the school year, the seniors and their parents were able to raise about RM6000. This gift was matched 1:1 by the school.

Often in the United States, it is tradition for the graduating class to leave a gift for their school. The purpose is to show appreciation and a heart for giving back. The Class of 2022 and their parents are the first graduating class to observe this tradition at OIS. One senior parent said. “This is a great example of how the whole school community can work together to make things better and be a good example to the next generation of students and parents! And it is fun!”

Thank you Class of 2022! You will not be forgotten!

Ben Hale

Head of School