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Tuition and Fees

23-24 Detailed Tuition and Fees

Elementary Program Tuition Fee


RM 30,000

K5- 5th Grade

RM 49,000

Middle School Program Tuition Fee

RM 59,000

High School Program Tuition Fee

RM 69,000

Application Processing Fee

RM 1,500

Payable upon submission of an application and strictly non-refundable 

Mandatory in order to complete the application process and is due prior to scheduling an interview

Registration Fee

RM 10,000

Payable upon receiving a Letter of Acceptance 

One-time fee and strictly non-refundable

Additional Programs

English Language Learning Program

RM 10,000 - 20,000*

*dependent on placement in the ELL Program

Learning Support

RM 6,000 - 37,000*

*dependent on placement in the Learning Support Program

Tech Fees

Student Tech Fee

RM 4,000 - Elementary and Middle School

RM 9,000 - High School

Includes the purchase of an iPad (limited to one device per student)

One-time fee and strictly non-refundable

Returning Student Tech Fee

RM 1,000

Annual fee applied to all returning students

Strictly non-refundable

Other Fees

23-24 New Student Total Fees

*applicable to first year students and not inclusive of promotions or additional programs

K4 Elementary School

RM1,500 + RM10,000 + RM4,000 + RM30,000 = RM33,000

K5 - 5 Elementary School

RM1,500 + RM10,000 + RM4,000 + RM49,000 = RM63,000

Middle School

RM1,500 + RM10,000 + RM4,000 + RM59,000 = RM74,500

High School 

RM1,500 + RM10,000 + RM9,000 + RM69,000 = RM89,500