Admissions Policy

Applicants to OIS are accepted and retained on the basis of their ability to meet the academic, moral, and behavioral standards of Oasis International School - Kuala Lumpur. The Admissions Department makes decisions in the best interest of the applicant as well as in the best interest of the grade level and school. The Admissions Department evaluates the following criteria when considering an applicant for admission:

  1. OpenApply Application

  2. Previous School Records

  3. MAP Entrance Assessment (Reading Comprehension and/or Mathematics)

  4. WIDA Assessment Results (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading) (if applicable) 

  5. English Language Proficiency Evaluation

  6. Learning Support Documentation (if applicable)

  7. Admissions Interview and Observation

MAP Entrance Assessment 

MAP® is an assessment created by NWEA, Northwest Evaluation Association, a global not-for-profit educational services organization based in Oregon, USA. If the applicant’s current school uses MAP® tests, the family is welcome to submit the most recent scores so that Admissions can determine if MAP® can be waived in the application process.

Upon completion of the OpenApply application as well as submission and review of all necessary documents, a determination is made by the Admissions Department on whether to proceed with MAP or other necessary assessment. If deemed necessary, the Admissions Department will schedule the assessment appointments. Prior to the MAP assessment, the application fee must be paid to the OIS Business Office. Prior to admission, MAP and other necessary assessments are given to all students, K4 - Grade 12; these assessments are generally scheduled in the morning or afternoon on Monday through Friday. Upon completion of the MAP assessment, unless further review is required, the Admissions Director will share the final acceptance decision within 5 business days.

Grade K4 - Grade 1

A short pattern and sequencing assessment for both math and reading is given to K4, K5, and Grade 1 applicants, which gives the Admissions Committee an idea of the child’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. All of the testing is completed using an iPad with assistance from Community Relations Department staff.

Grade 2 - Grade 11

Assessments in two areas are given:

MAP® (Reading Comprehension and Math)

Writing sample (only for Grades 6-12)

MAP® (Measures of Academic Progress) tests are given using iPads in the Admissions testing room. Applicants answer approximately 20 multiple choice questions in each area of Reading Comprehension and Math. Each test generally takes less than 30 minutes, but there is no time limit.


English Language Learning (ELL)

The OIS English Language Learning Program includes three tiers - the English Immersion Program, ELL+ASA, and ELL. Placement into the OIS ELL Program is based on the provided information throughout the admissions process.

All ELL students must demonstrate an ability to function at grade level in their first language. When deemed necessary, the applicant will take a WIDA Model assessment in order for the Admissions Department to determine the applicant’s English abilities. The WIDA assessment results will be reviewed by the Admissions Department to determine placement of the applicant in a general classroom and in the OIS ELL program; the results may also determine if another school would be better equipped to meet the applicant’s needs. Acceptance of ELL students at all levels is probationary for one semester. At the end of the semester, the principal, ELL teacher, and classroom teacher(s) will determine whether or not the student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of language progress and has the motivation necessary to acquire English proficiency. After this determination is made, the student will either be accepted unconditionally or continue on a conditional basis. A student may not be enrolled on a conditional basis for more than two semesters. A student may not be enrolled in the ELL program for longer than two academic years.

Learning Support 

If deemed necessary, the student will be enrolled into the OIS Learning Support Program. The OIS Learning Support Program includes two tracks. The first track is social/emotional support. The second track is the Arrowsmith Program, a cognitive enhancement program used for students who have specific academic support needs. 

Admission into the Learning Support Program and OIS is subject to approval by the Learning Support Coordinator, division-level Principal, and Head of School. The Learning Support Program at OIS is designed for students with mild needs. Students in the Learning Support Program should be able to function in and benefit from the regular curriculum with minimal additional support.

Applicants in need of learning support services are considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision to accept and retain a student needing learning support is based on availability in the program and the school’s ability to meet the needs of the student while ensuring the regular classroom environment is maintained. When submitting the initial application, please submit all relevant information:

  1. Documentation which includes diagnoses

  2. Official evaluations and assessment reports

  3. Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

  4. Learning Plan (LP)

  5. Medical reports

  6. All additional related documentation

  7. Any other document requested by the OIS Admissions Office

Until these documents are provided, the school is unable to make a determination on the school’s ability to serve the student. Please note that any accommodations; learning needs; or social, emotional, physical or behavioral issues must be fully disclosed and described in detail in the OpenApply application for admission. Failure to fully disclose such information at this time may result in revocation of admission or, if discovered after enrollment, require withdrawal from OIS. 

Acceptance of students into the Learning Support Program at all levels is probationary for one semester. At the end of the semester, the principal, learning support coordinator, and classroom teacher(s) will determine whether or not the student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of progress and will be successful moving forward at OIS. After this determination is made, the student will either be accepted unconditionally or continue on a conditional basis. A student may not be enrolled on a conditional basis for more than two semesters. This review will include close consultation with parents but may also involve requiring parents to obtain external assessments. Parents may be asked to provide documentation of assessment results obtained from consultations with a qualified educational psychologist or physician. Such assessments would be at the expense of the parents. If OIS determines an inability to accommodate a student's learning needs or if parents are unwilling to obtain requested external assessments, the student will not be able to continue at OIS.

Grade Placement

OIS takes into consideration the birth date of the student, the system the applicant is transferring from,  and the grade level most recently completed. For younger students, developmental readiness is also evaluated. The goal is to place students with age-appropriate peers in the next logical step of their curricular path in order to predict a high level of academic and social success.

OIS uses September 1 as a cut off date for grade placement. Before September 1, K4 students should turn four years old, K5 students should turn five years old, first grade students should turn six years old, and so on. 

Consistency of transcripts and required credits are critical. Inconsistency of transcripts and lack of required credits prevents OIS from promoting a student to the next grade level. This will lengthen a student’s time in a particular grade level. This extension in the particular grade often serves to aid in the student’s transition by allowing them time to adjust to the teachers, curriculum, and new friends at OIS.

Diversity and Class Balance

Acceptance decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. OIS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin but does strictly adhere to the laws and regulations governing the operation of international schools in Malaysia. OIS reserves the right to administer selective enrollment when deemed necessary, proper, and in the best interest of the school.

OIS strives to maintain an appropriate balance of genders, abilities, and nationalities in all classes, and admissions decisions are made in accordance with this aim.

High School Admissions 

Admission to high school is subject to a review of official, certified academic records including report cards or transcripts from the current year and the past three years, supplemental documents (if necessary), and results of assessment required by OIS. All records should be translated to English. Upon review, the high school principal will determine the school’s capacity in meeting the needs of the student.

Confirmation and Enrollment Procedures

The Admissions Department will only admit candidates if sufficient space and resources are available to meet the applicants academic, physical, emotional, social, and behavioral needs. OIS has the right to refuse admission to any candidate.

Once an admissions decision has been made, parents are required to submit all relevant remaining forms and documentation located in OpenApply. Once school fees have been paid, the parent or guardian will be notified by email and will be told next steps.

Students and at least one parent or guardian are required to attend New Student and Parent Orientation.

Wait Pool

Qualified applicants who are not accepted due to space availability are placed in a wait pool and will be considered if spaces become available. Applicants will only remain in the wait pool for the school year for which they applied.

Priority of Admissions

Level 1

  • Current students who have met required tuition payment deadlines

  • Children of OIS faculty, staff, and administration

  • Siblings of currently enrolled OIS students

  • Children of employees  of the US Embassy

Level 2

  • Children from Malaysian-based US companies

  • Applicants transferring from a school in the U.S (at least two years preceding the requested date of enrollment)

  • Applicants transferring directly from a US system international school where English is the language of instruction

  • Applicants who have attended a US system international school for at least two years preceding the requested date of enrollment

Level 3

  • Applicants transferring from schools with a non-US system where English is the language of instruction

Level 4

  • Applicants transferring from schools with a non-US system where English is not the language of instruction

We consider other criteria in selecting students from the wait pool including the following:

  • The student’s other viable educational options

  • The student’s level of English proficiency

  • The student’s general academic proficiency

  • The student’s records from previous schools

  • The student’s teacher recommendations

  • The student’s number of years in an English-speaking school environment

  • The student’s family language background

  • The student’s extracurricular activities (sports, music, drama, etc.)

  • Gender and nationality balance of the class or grade

  • Any additional factors deemed relevant by OIS

Grade Equivalency