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U.S. Education System

At OIS, we provide a rewarding educational experience for your child using the U.S. model. We believe that the United States education system is successful because of its commitment to having qualified and caring teachers, offering a personalized learning experience, educating using a holistic approach, and appreciating diversity. Learn how OIS implements each of these important elements to help students be successful and ready for university with a U.S. diploma in hand.

Qualified and Caring Teachers

All of our teachers, with the exception of the foreign language teachers, have U.S. certifications in their respective subject areas. The U.S. requires every teacher to complete a set of courses, pass tests, and obtain practical teaching experience before granting them a teaching license with subject area certifications. In addition, every teacher has experience teaching in American or international schools and complete ongoing professional learning throughout the year.

However, our teachers aren’t just qualified, they’re caring too! Our teachers love their students!

Since our teachers are qualified and caring, they have the necessary skills to address your child’s needs and, consequently, to have the greatest impact on your child’s success. Visit Our Faculty and Staff page to meet the OIS teachers.


Personalized Learning Experience

OIS offers a personalized learning experience by providing an innovative academic model of teaching and learning. Classes are rooted in content and skills that align with standards. The standards are designed to challenge students academically as well as to encourage them to think critically and demonstrate creativity. Building 21st century learning skills is accomplished with the help of technology. However, we know that all children aren’t the same and all children don’t learn the same. Therefore, our teachers differentiate instruction in their classes, and our flexible learning environment helps to facilitate different styles of teaching. For advanced high school students, OIS offers the Advanced Placement (AP) Program. To learn more about our education program, please visit our Learning page as well as our pages for the Elementary SchoolMiddle School, and High School.

Holistic Approach

As a parent, you are aware that there is much more to your child than their intellect. OIS focuses on various dimensions of a child including:


By offering a personalized learning experience to every student, OIS aims to meet your child’s intellectual needs. To learn more about learning at OIS, click here.


OIS provides opportunities both in the classroom and outside the school walls for social development. While working on group work in class, competing in rugby, or taking a tour of a local museum, students will be in safe, everyday situations that require them to interact with others, manage their behavior, make decisions, and resolve conflict. With the help of teachers, students will learn how to develop healthy friendship skills, social values, and empathy.


Starting at an early age, OIS teaches the importance of how play and proper rest are vital to the educational experience and actually allow kids to function better at their academic tasks. OIS considers how long students sit at their desks without moving along with how many breaks, recesses, and PE sessions students have in a day. In addition, OIS offers a competitive sports program and extracurricular activities to promote students’ physical health.


Pastoral care is available at OIS. All of our staff and teachers are a living model of good character, providing an example for the students. Also, our teachers are invested in the students’ lives; outside the classroom, teachers serve as coaches, club leaders, and mentors in an effort to help students identify positive character traits and live as people of character. If needed, academic and social guidance are available.

Appreciation for Diversity

We live in a beautifully diverse nation with a plethora of holidays and celebrations to boast. OIS takes time to observe various holidays since we agree with our sister school, YISS:

The presence of diversity challenges our assumptions and adds beauty to the world. As we learn to respect the unique qualities of others, we are encouraged to step outside of our safe havens, thoughtfully critique our own biases, and understand a more complete picture of truth. 

Consequently, our teachers take advantage of opportunities that celebrate diversity in their classes, so students can learn about their classmates, see the contrasts between cultures, and appreciate the differences.